Thursday, December 13, 2012

Year 6 Social

Last night 12/12/12 was a night of celebration for the year 6's of Parkvale School. They had their school break up. It was rather emotional because most of my friends aren't going to the same school as me, but it was so much fun. Well Done to Casey and her partner Xavier, Regan and Erin, Whare and Libby. We did The Red Hot Salsa, The Line Dance, Fast line dance, washing machine, Eiffel Tower, Flips, Turns etc.
etc. My partner couldn't make it so I danced with Raiha. I have never done the boys' part. It's harder then you would think.                                      
                         I'm on the left (Eden) Emilee is in the middle and Savannah is on the right.


  1. Great report on the Year Six Social, Eden.

    It was really a wonderful event. I love the photo!

  2. Cool Eden
    I love your photo of your friends
    and you well done keep up with good work