Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be your favourite T.V character

Have you ever had a desire to be your favourite childhood character? Well now you can follow my easy instructions step by step well you're in the right place.

Things you’ll need:
3 cups of self rising flour
5 teaspoons of green food colouring or (whatever colour your favourite character is)
2 eggs
2 a little bit of DNA (Hair,blood,saliva)
2 tablespoons of boiling water
a little drop of salt
a flower fairy’s wings
A whisker
Italian snails edible
2 bowls
a mortar
and thats all you need to be your  favourite T.V character

Worst side effects:

green skin
clumps of flour
a rotten egg smell
But nothing to be worried about

Okay so here we go

  • grab your first bowl and pop your 3 cups of flour into your bowl
  • then add into your bowl the 2 eggs and add with those your food colouring
  • and whisk it all up until it's a wonderful silky green paste
  • leave to set for 1 to 2 hours

  • now grab your next bowl and add your DNA (Hair,blood,saliva)
  • two tablespoons of boiling hot water
  • a drop of salt not too much otherwise it will be too thick and awful

Now time for some mortar action!

Add into your mortar
  • your garden fairy wings and your edible Italian snails
(preferably with their shell)
  • be aware it might make a “BANG”

Then apply gently to skin.
Don’t apply to dead or dry skin and don’t apply in onto affected area . then just add what your character has like ears,tail,Contacts etc....ect

then you have become the character of your dream’s I picked green because of cell in dragon ball z

Caution some of the ingredients may not exist

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Address: 405 character road Hastings New Zealand  


  1. Awesome details in your instructions, Eden!

    Becoming the TV character of your dreams would appeal to many!

  2. Great Eden!
    I really liked reading your instructions,
    I can't wait to be my favorite T.V. Character:)

  3. Great Eden. What TV Character do you want to be.

  4. Awesome Eden!
    I would try it if it worked. I like how you added in extra things. Well done:)

  5. Cool Eden!
    That is so interesting!
    I like how you did how to turn into your favorite character.
    You were very clear at writing you instructions.
    Well done:)

  6. That sounds cool, dose it work on spongebob?