Friday, September 28, 2012

The Lion,the witch and the Wardbrode by C.S Lewis

This is my fotobabble that I made. I'm in a literacy circle we have paired up with the DROIDS and were reading the Lion the witch and the wardrobe by C.S Lewis. I was the summariser and I wrote

Lucy was hiding in a wardrobe and nobody noticed and everyone begun thinking it was all just a hoax and Lucy demanded that it was all different a moment ago. Lucy was so miserable that for the next few days she would stay in her room until it was a rainy day and they play hide and go seek. Susan was it, Lucy went back into the wardrobe for one peak  then Edmund chased her in. Lucy thinking it was Susan and Edmund badly want sunlight and air Edmund found some light then felt strangely cold and he adventured in to find trees and snow but that's not all he found.................

I made this on our class IPad then worked on it through the site. Here is the site if you want to make an account. Trust me you can do some amazing stuff and create magic on this website. Click the link  

This is my Fotobabble that I


  1. Excellent summarising, Eden. I really like how clear and expressive your reading is on the Fotobabble. Your recommendation of Fotobabble is a nice, personal touch!

  2. I agree with Mr.M Eden it has a nice touch!
    Your voice is nice and clear and easy to hear!
    That book sounds so cool!
    In the literacy circle that I am in we are reading tough enough and it is an amazing book.

  3. Great Eden. I really love your fotobabble. That book is so cool. Your summarising is very cool. My group is reading tough enough. Well done:)

  4. Awesome post!
    I really liked how you were nice and clear when you were reading out your book Eden. I read some of that book last year for literacy circle, it was a great book. Well done!

  5. Wow Eden. That is great summariser and fotobabble. I like how at the top of you page you say what your job is and how wrote the book. You sammarise is great. I love fotobabble you spoke really clear so we could understand you well done. What do you like most about being the summariser?

  6. Awesome Eden!
    I love your fotobabble it really shows you are really enjoying literacy!

  7. Awesome Eden!
    What a great summary.
    Good Job!
    Well done:)