Monday, September 10, 2012

My Poster :)

This is my poster that I crated Using this site please feel free to check out the site. (Link) Also I got this photo on our class Divshare 

This is a picture of Flossie in her cape that she made for the team 5 production 
do you think it's snazzy? It's made of fabric with tutie fruities and chippie packets with her name I mean it's quick and hey you get lollies out of it and please have a look at her post it's wonderful I hoped you Enjoyed it :) 


  1. Cool poster Eden.
    I like that you chose a picture of me in my awesome costume!
    I loved your wearable costume.
    What did you enjoy most about the production?

  2. Cool Eden!
    I like your poster, its very colourful. I like the way you described what Felicity's cape was made out of and what it was! Well done!

  3. Lovely poster Eden!
    I am sure I took that photo.
    Why did you choose this photo?

  4. Awesome Eden.
    I love your poster it is great.
    My favourite part of the production was the dance.
    What was your favourite part?

  5. Awesome Eden!!!
    I love your poster.
    I also love the colors that you put into it.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  6. Awesome poster Eden!
    I loved how you said down the bottom " Is any one craving lolly s after seeing felicity cape:)"
    Grate poster Eden cant wait to see another one of you awesome story's,posters, adios and outer stuff like that!

  7. Cool Eden I my mouth is watering for lollies and I checked the site out its awesome!

  8. Wow Eden.This blog post.I want some lollies now but I also liked you EVIL FAERY costume as well as Flossies one.

  9. awesome Eden like the poster awesome work keep it up.