Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Olympic games~The Olympic torch

The crowd was going wild they kept, screaming. But I was trying to stay as patient as possible We were all waiting with our bottoms off the seat.  While I was warming up “VOOM” I heard the airplane go flying over my head I started walking over to relight the torch. It was such an honor then shaking the hands of the people that had came out to be honest I’ve never been so scared in my whole life,. One two three may the running begin. It started off as a nice friendly jog until, it started to get serious. I started jogging slowly. Then I started sprinting. I met up with Parris about 5 km from the starting point. We swapped over I had a big drink then a sleep I didn’t go, back to running for a few days because i was picked to run the torch into the stadium but of course parris had to stop somewhere. She is one of the best runners out of All of the contestants  so she got the honor for running 15 Km, Felicity ran after Parris but something went wrong ,she had fallen over and sprained her ankle I was just down the road.

So we picked her up. Luckily for her the driver had learnt first aid so she was back on the road in no time she had  got up to approximately. 20 km she made it she, ran through town everyone on the sideline cheering. She couldn’t help but to smirk I heard her speak under her breath I've made it. Felicity swapped with Daniel. Daniel ran a shorter distance than the past runners he hopped into the plane leaving Greece behind. I had to come
with him but I didn’t run with him. I met up with him. 

We landed in Britain. Daniel passing everyone cheering, him on as I was in the car behind him. It was quite funny because we saw a British bulldog with the British flag on his back . He swapped half way as I was waiting for my go. It soon came. I was waiting I had enough time to go through and met lots of people. He fastly swapped with a girl named Hannah. She did very well. She only ran a little bit. It was remarkable seeing so many people.

I was impressed seeing someone with had the same problem with him as Stephen Hawking. Time went by the contestants slowly making their way. I could just see them running in the far distance and there it was again the Olympic torch. Shining brightly in the misty night “WOW” time does fly. 

It was my turn. I was dodging the beams and there the 2012 Olympic games and I was standing there holding the games in my hand, for the second time I felt even more honored than what I did the first as I was jogging. So I didn’t get burnt because it was one windy night. I could feel shivers going through me. It's not a nice feeling when the only thing you're wearing are little shorts and a sports bra. As I was climbing up a few stairs, there it was the cauldron. I was going to start the 2012 Olympic Games.

Games 5 4 3 2 1.  WOW the flame gave me a fright. MAY THE GAMES begin.

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