Thursday, August 30, 2012

My production diary

WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary
Success CriteriaSelf assessmentBuddy AssessmentTeacher Assessment
Introduce yourself and your role “Dear Diary...”
Honest thoughts and feelings at the time
Likes and dislikes
Expression / Personality (sounds like you)
Date plus optional title for each entry
Actions from practice and performance

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Dear Diary

Oh my gosh.Hi my names Eden I'm freaking out it's the production so soon, and I don’t know whether my design is good enough.I don’t want it to be judged harshly i’m doing wearable arts it has to last 5 long days the worst thing of all is that it's completely made from cardboard it’s going to be a disaster a big fat giant disaster.


GRR it's the production next week.Oh no and plus it’s the deadline tomorrow and I haven’t even put it together yet.I feel so rushed I hope it's not going to be as bad as what it seems.Today has been so weird and strange, so many things, so much practice, so much pressure. as I was thinking to myself, just picture everyone naked or even if you just pretend you're at home singing in the mirror. Although you can't see your reflection I’m going to end up looking like a peacock


I felt pretty relaxed until a bunch of kids turned up then I remembered I only have about 1 or 2 or 3 hours to finish.”Oh No” my tummy was just rumbling with the thought, I just felt the puke coming up in my body. I just need a Miracle like just for some very good help well I already had it I had Milly I said wiping my eyes not because i was going to cry but because I was tired well got to be honest.


Today was so stressful! I ended up breaking my outfit well my top but still stressing. No pressure much,”OKAY” I said nothing to be worried about it's just a production and at least I won't be singing then I would make a complete fool of myself in front of all the parents. well I mean I’m a good singer I just get stage fright that's what I mean in my production diary so I’m not being dramatic. I mean I couldn't even be focused at practices thats just because I Hate being corrected.

"Stefan just sitting there waiting"


  1. Amazing Eden.
    This is so cool.
    I really like your pictures that you added.
    Can't wait to see more from when we start the show in front of the parents.

  2. Amazing Eden.
    Awesome Diary is is great.
    I like how you added photos of you.
    I can't wait to see the next production diary.

  3. Awesome Eden!
    I like how you be truthful. You used some really
    great words. Well done!

  4. Wow Eden this is a awesome story about the production. I really liked your costume that you did in the wearable arts. Well done.