Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Probability Maths

Reflection for Maths Probability

Something I was pleased with was…Learning a new kind of maths
…because…I’ve never learnt about Probability in maths

I really enjoyed learning…But estimates and predictions

…because…We hardly ever do that unless it's on a laptop

Something I found hard was…Trying to think up a new prediction

Something that made me think was…Trying to predict the sample
…because…I’m not used to it

Something I want to get better at is…Finding my Math Probability easier
          (Working even harder)


  1. Cool Eden.
    Do you like learning new maths?

  2. Thanks Amy.
    its not my favourite subject but its something i would want to get better at

  3. Good Job Eden,
    What Is your favourite part of maths.

  4. You did well in probability, Eden!