Monday, June 18, 2012

My report reflection


My favourite in Reading has been  (The Spiders)

Something I have learnt is how to use my punctuation properly

My next step is to Learn where to put my full stops in the correct place


This is my favourite writing (WALT:persuade)

I am proud of my writing of (Rory the lion writing)

I have learnt...

  • where i’m supposed to put my Full stops and capital letters in the right spot

My next step is to try and get more persuasive with my writing

I like my blog because it's a cool place to post my experiences throughout the year and its better then keeping them in a book where they will never be read

This is my favourite post (My pie chart ) because it's the first time i’ve ever used a pie chart and its the first time making it on a document

I like commenting on blogs because it's a good way to get more comments on my blog

This is my favourite comment (Flossies blog)


This is my favourite maths (My math)

I am proud of Learning my fractions
I have learnt that maths is really Fun

  • i like Fractions
  • and multiplication

Something I find challenging is doing the fraction beans

My next step is to learning how to figure the answer faster

This is my favourite art i did was before we went to camp we had to draw where it's safe to cross in the river and where it is a hazard

Something I have liked in our topic learning is working as a team to

Choir / Kapa Haka

I really enjoy Kapa Haka my favourite song is maihe mai ra

In my interview I was really happy when Mr Moriarty said i write like a author that made me so happy

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  1. Well done eden
    that show that you love putting on what you
    need to work on and I love that