Friday, June 8, 2012

My Questions and answers of The Spiders

Page 2-3
How did michael not notice that there was a spider above him ?
because he was concentrating on the commercials and his movie

Page 4~5
Why do you think michael hated spiders ?
he could have had a bad experience with them or he could just hate the feeling of them

Page 6~7
What does this mean? {Scale the walls}
the spider was trying to climb up on the walls of the class and he could have heard all the spiders form the wall

Page 8~9
B. dead body

Page 8~9
There are six spiders in the lunge.
what Action and Reaction might the
author develop now ?

Can Spiders really dance
at funeral ?
Of Course Not

Can spiders march?
i really don’t know i think they’ll just stick to crawling

would you use your hair brush to get spider webs of everything ?

i would if it was for school cause i enjoy the Itc class and everyone in the world needs eduction

of human characteristics
to things and ideas]

Personification thick bushy
webs that
stuck to his fingers.

is that Personification ?


have you ever had spider webs all over your bike ?
Yes it's very disturbing


  1. Cool Eden!
    The book sounds really cool, I feel like I want to read it. I like your questions too.
    Whats you favourite question?

  2. Great Eden
    Do you like spiders?

  3. Fantastic work, clarifying vocabulary (working out what words mean) and answering questions about the text.

    What did you like about the book, Eden?

    1. Thanks Mr Moriarty
      I really like the part were the spiders were dancing around the Corpse but it disturbed me a little bit but thanks so much again for the comment I really appreciate it Mr M what was your favourite part of the book ?