Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Life Is So Much More Interesting In My Head

Chapter 1
Hi, I’m a panda named Waddles. Once upon a time I went for a nice friendly walk. I walked right around the whole world until a nasty polar bear stopped me in my tracks.
“Ah ahh!” I yelled. Nobody could hear me. I tried everything until, the penguin came along. She tried but Polly the polar bear was way too strong. We pushed and we shoved. Nothing would work the only thing we could possibly do was to run. We ran up and down around, and around. We literally climbed Mount Everest, and Te Mata Peak. We were very tired animals. 

Finally Polly stopped and rested . We prayed for two weeks that we just wanted to climb out of mama's nest and go fishing. We honestly felt scared in our own nest. Mama thought we were just being stupid. That night it was a very very cold night. Nothing was peaceful . Just covered in snow, at these times I wish that we were still in New Zealand but Papa had work up in Germany. It's so scary at night. Sometimes, I wish we could go back to being a lovely panda family.

“Knock” “Knock” “Knock” 
"Who's there?" yelled Mama. Quickly blow out the candles and hide.
A strong manly voice said, it's the F.B.I. 
Papa help its the men in black. 
What on earth should we do? 
Just keep your head down. 
The strong manly voice again said if you don’t let us come in we will knock down your door, huh we have a warrant for your house. Papa Panda if you don’t let us in, we will have to knock down your door, on the count of three one two three. 
Uhmm yes did you want something? You kinda interrupted my tea. 
Sorry that was uncalled for.
It's okay, we will just need some ID thanks. 
What for? 
It seems that Waddles got in a fight.
My son wouldn’t hurt a fly. 
Yes but he got in a fight with the other kind.
Not again? 
I’m sorry sir.
Waddles get down here this instant.
Why Papa, oh why? 
Sorry but Mr Panda as a warrant for your arrest. 
Will I uhmm be okay Papa? 
Uhm uhm uncertainly. I hope Ill see you on the other side. No Papa. No I didn’t do nothing. Papa please. No papa PAPA AAAAAAAAAA.
I'm sorry son, it's time. 
I guess this is goodbye. No Papa Panda you are not going to take my son away if you are you will have to get through me said Mama Panda. Don’t be so absurd Papa. 
Mama don’t you and I both know they’ll kill you and Papa. 
Mama please I beg of you, don’t. 
I'll be back, I promise. Okay but you better not do anything that will hurt him in anyway. That is a promise I'm willing to keep. 
Okay bye son. iIhope to see you tomorrow, love you sonny. Okay love you too from the universe and back. I would do anything for you, my beautiful sonny .

Hello there, am I allowed to ring my mother and tell her about the army? 

Sure thing you can invite her here to sleep and hang out. Of course you guys can sleep in the plaza. 
No haha but she can sleep over. 
Oh okay thank you I guess. 
Hurry up you got two hours. 
"Ring ring ring ring ring” it went to answer phone. 
Well then can we just drop by. 
Sure Sonny.
Thanks, my mama called me that. Hey Mama I was wondering if you would like to come sleep here, because Ihave some news you really wouldn’t want to hear. 
Uhm sure thing just when and what is it ? asked Mama Panda. I’m on my way.

3 hours later
Hey Mama said Waddles. Feel free to take a seat. 

Uhm sorry. Son your papa didn’t want to come. He’s pretty angry that you started a fight with a polar bear and you had to bring a penguin into it. It's cool you have put our whole reputation on the line because you're greedy. 
It's not far from OKAY! I'm not sleeping here. So what's the big news? 
Ive uhm, been forced into the army. 
When are you getting forced in ? I heard mama speaking under her breath. 
It's okay, I’ll be with the Humans, Humans they are so unpredictable. 
No I'll bail you out. Roar I heard mama say. I heard her mumble under her breath pick up your bamboo. 
Haha Mama I truly did miss your sense of humour. 
Let's go as she knocked to tell Mr Grumpy Pants that she was picking me up for jail. He accepted of course I mean who can say no to a beautiful face like mine?  
Okay one two three ROAR. He came rushing over.I think Mama scared him, well aren’t you going to unlock us? So he did.


  1. Amazing Eden,
    That is a very good story.

  2. Cool Story Eden,
    Good idea Eden about writing a story about
    a panda.Whats your faviourite part of the story?

  3. You have a big imagination, Eden.

    It's good to see you starting to punctuate your sentences.

  4. WOW Eden That was a great story Chapter 1 was my favourite Chapter of all. What's Yours?
    Keep up the great story's Eden