Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ruby's diary

Dear diary 15/5/12

Omg today I like “Totally”! got pampered nails. They were painted. My fur straightened,  dyed with streaks.

Nek minute I woke up,
Nails weren't painted at all. Nightmare! My fur was impossible and the streaks were mud.
Can today get any worse? 

Actually Mummy said I have to go to the vet, then go into the beauty salon. It turned out first, I had to go to the vet because i was being naughty and barking at the mailman. So I had to get a new collar that zapped me when i barked cause the mailman made a complaint what a “woof”!

Finally it was time to get out of the slaughterhouse. It was lunch time, my favourite part of the day. Wedges and  cheese burger. 

Grr now I have to go to the beauty salon. OMG not the comb run bark ,No no no noooo zzz I feel like a roasted chicken! Okay she's spraying me with water. Grrrr! Pull yourself together, Ha ha ha yea I feel pretty.  Wow I look fabulous, almost like Lady Gaga. 

The hairdresser said to mommy that she should go and buy me bags, and clothes, shoes. And that's when my life changed. I got my fur and makeup done every week. I loved it!             


  1. What an entertaining piece of writing, Eden!

    This diary has a lot of great humour and makes me laugh. Your writing has voice and good ideas!

  2. Thank you very much Mr M did you add a vistors thing

  3. Amazing Eden!!!
    Ruby has an awesome life. I wish I had that life.
    Is Ruby a dog?

    1. Yea i wish i had a life like that to