Tuesday, March 27, 2012

White water rafting

Yay!” Today’s the day. We went down for breakfast, Miss Hill told us what to bring. Before I knew it, I was at the place. I picked up a wetsuit, it was so warm.

“Okay, time to see how long we will be out.” Wow! To my amazement there was a huge map of the Mohaka River. Felicity and I paired up. “Oh my goody goody gumdrops!” We’re going to be out in the water for 4 hours and we’ll be traveling 6km! Finally, Room 20 hopped in the bus. I didn’t know where Dion was going to take us but it was where we had camped. Mike was our instructor. We had a practise then we hit the water forward paddle. Splish,splash,splosh. “Oh no” Here comes a rapid  Back paddle Hold on tight ,SPLASH were wet already we stop at a Eddie the rock looked. Amazing nothing i had ever seen before we stop and we had to try. To cross the river i went at the front i was absolutely  gobsmacked. The parents had a go they got up to the same  point as us then we hopped, back in the boat mike told us to paddle none stop ahead of us was a huge rapid,Called Carnage coner dananana know turning back now okay PADDLE forward whoosh down we went “Oh No!” , there’s a dip hold on tight we all went back a seat. Woohoo  Next was the muffle puffles that wasn’t As great but here go the “striker's!” They all got told to hold on but brody did the opposite Next was mr G and tom they didn’t quite go flying But, Did get wet We went a little bit futher we stopped Directly, in front of us was a waterfall it looked spectacular parris  got stung, by a bee “otch!” We had sandwiches watermelon num nums Chinchillas are you ready yeah sam and i got picked, To sit at the front of the boat One two, One two stooop and chillax Forward paddle, Hold on tight Dion's boat was ahead we started a water fight it was pretty funny then we continued Mike stopped ahead there was an old bridge, we learnt that when birds do their business they plant seed so at the top of the pipe thing was growing grass Mr Moriarty, Courtney, Daniel, Tyler and myself jumped in. “Splash!” There was dinosaur eggs Awesome there was fossil carvings it looked fabulous, honestly. Then it was just about over, then Mike grabbed all our paddles tied them up to the front. We all leaned forward and mr m fall out but Carla,Tyler, Daniel, Flossie, Courtney and Charlotte,and myself didn’t fall out but we hopped out and reached for land. Then suddenly woo so heavy, we all heaved. 

We jumped back in the bus. I shared the seat with Brody and Josh. On our way back to camp the driver stopped. There was a poor cow that got stuck. Sadly he tried to get grass but his head got stuck in the power pole. She could not get out.  It was the end of this wonderful adventure. We ran out grabbed our clothes and jumped in the shower. It was warm, it was boiling time. We were all clean then the teachers made us sleep outside in bivouacs. As cold as it was, it was all worth it. The food was beautiful the next morning. Iwoke up by Mr M's snoring and Courtney so loud. We had bacon and eggs and milo. I’ll tell you right now I wanna go again I highly recommend it .


  1. Reading your recount reminds me of so many fun experiences, Eden! It was neat to be a Chinchilla for a day!

  2. very interesting writing