Monday, February 13, 2012

Remember Summer

Remember summer, breathing in the grass running till you can't breathe anymore. Flopping  to the ground  relaxing. And the sound of cheeping birds. Cicadas in the long green grass.

Don’t forget when you're in the car on your way to Ocean Beach. That was definitely summer and when you're running along running in and out of the water looking out at the beautiful blue water. Now that's what you call summer. Plus the sound of the  waves crashing against the rocks. Diving under the waves. When you're under the water looking at the beautiful  schools of fish swimming  below you.  You come up and you've got salty water up your nose. That was summer. Running so far out  that when there's a wave and you fall into a  ditch. That was summer. Running up along to beach side and falling over, that was summer.

Finally you hop  in the car and pick up an ice block. Oh no you’ve got ice block all over your new top.   You come out of the shower and you're burnt to a crisp, that was summer. Looking at your family and they all look like tomato and the next day your family have planned a big family reunion. Everyone's a normal skin tone and you're red. That's not a good look. Then your cousin's request a nice family picture and you try to hide and you get told off. That was summer.

Then walk over to a bush and someone's taking a picture. You don’t realise and a whole lot of pollen comes and you sneeze and it's not a very  pretty look. You find it funny but you're the only one. That was summer. Finally time to go home and your cousin, auntie, and nanny decide to take a picture. You've got sunburned eyes and everyone yells out your name you hop in the car. Finally after two giant days time for bed but you're in so  much pain that mum and dad have to go down to the chemist and buy aloe vera and it but it hurts so much that your mummy says it's your own fault then you get all angry but what you don’t know is that it actually is your own fault. The next day you get invited to your friend's house. Then you say yes because you don’t wanna be rude. That was summer. When you're there you don’t want to be rude. But you can hardly move. That was summer.


  1. Nice work Eden, love your writing - looking forward to seeing all the wonderful work your going to be doing this year! Mum

  2. I love all the personal details, Eden! That's why I shared it with the class.

  3. I like your story. it very instituting from Jacob